据2013 PMI职业脉博调查显示,仅有低于三分之二的项目达到预期目标和商业意图,大约有17%是彻底失败。高绩效组织的项目有90%都可达到预期目标和商业意图,而低绩效组织只有34%。高绩效组织关注人才管理和改进其在项目管理中的角色。对项目经理的培训与认证非常重要。目前中国已有超过百万人接受了项目管理的培训,PMP(项目管理专业人士)人数已近7万。他们为海阳2012亚洲沙滩运动会、中国农业银行门户网站等项目的成功提供了支持。
今年PMI(中国)项目管理大会定在上海举行,是充分考虑了上海及其所在的长三角地区庞大的项目管理社区及组织对项目管理各方面信息的需要及对项目管理交流平台的渴求。大会将邀请PMI 总裁兼CEO朗马克(Mark Langley)先生、PMI亚太地区分会领导人、国内外知名企业项目管理高管及项目管理专家进行项目管理知识与经验分享,颁布项目管理大奖,汇集精彩的项目管理内容,并提供难得的交流机会,助您提升项目管理能力。会议还将发布最新的有关项目管理方面的调查、资讯和国内外知名企业对项目管理人才的需求信息。请您随时关注并衷心欢迎大家参与。参会者将可获得12个PDU(专业发展单元)。欢迎参加PMI(中国)2013项目管理大会!了解更多详情,请登录www.pmicongress-china.org关注PMI(中国)微博及微信pmi_china。
Welcome to PMI (China) Congress 2013!
Starting from 2010, PMI (China) Congress has been held in Beijing for three years, each year attracting over one thousand attendees, the 3rd Congress exceeding 1,500. PMI (China) Congress has become one of the biggest project management events in Asia Pacific region, thanks to unwavering support and encouragement from project management practitioners in every walk of life, as well as from many organizations including State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Shenhua Group, Sinopec Corp., and China National Offshore Oil Corp..
According to PMI Pulse of ProfessionTM 2013, only less than two thirds of the world’s projects managed to meet their original goals and business intent. About 17% of the projects worldwide are deemed as failures. For high performing organizations, 90% of their projects achieved this objective, while low performers have only 34%. Talent management is becoming imperial for high performing organizations, who are now unleashing their efforts in project management training for project managers and getting them PMP® certified to enhance their capabilities. Till now there have been over one million project management training receivers in China, with nearly 70,000 becoming Project Management Professional® certified. Their expertise is contributed to numerous successful projects in China such as 2012 Asian Beach Games in Haiyang, and China Agricultural Bank portal website project.
This year PMI (China) Congress will be held in Shanghai, the financial center and international metropolis in China, catering to the large local community of project management practitioners and satisfy their urgent needs for a platform to interact and share project management best practices. PMI (China) Congress 2013 will have PMI President and CEO Mark Langley, PMI chapter leaders in Asia Pacific region, and leading enterprise executives as well as subject matter experts from home and abroad, revealing world trends in industry and explore project management adoptions and value. Highlights include release of PMI exclusive reports like PMI Pulse of ProfessionTM and PMI project manager salary survey, Career Center booth on-site, and presentations on major projects in China by our project management award winners. Attendees can also earn 12 PDUs (Professional Development Unit). We sincerely invite you to join this exciting event and engage with our project management family!
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