2011年09月16日,星期五 | 16 September 2011, Friday

主论坛演讲 | General Session
论坛A 国际项目管理高峰论坛(IPMF) | International Project Management Forum(IPMF)
论坛B :项目管理教育与研究 | Project management education and research
论坛C :工程、能源领域的项目管理 | Career Development
论坛D :信息技术、通信行业的项目管理论 | Project Management in ICT Industry Forum
论坛E :交通及制造业的项目管理 | Project Management in Transportation and Manufacturing Industry


主论坛演讲 | General Session



演讲标题Description:战略性的项目管理办公室 The Strategic PMO
项目管理协会(PMI)董事会主席帕贝丝女士, | Beth ,  project management association (PMI) chairman of board of directors palmer
Beth Partleton, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the 2010 Chair of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Board of Directors. Partleton has been involved with PMI since 1991. For six years she served on the PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors, serving as Chair in 2006.

Among her numerous credits, she was the project manager for the 1997 PMI Symposium in Chicago and has spent time on various PMI committees, including two years on the PMI Nominating Committee, and one year on the Ethics Appeal Committee. At the component level, Partleton was a founder and charter member of the Milwaukee/Southeast Wisconsin (USA) Chapter, and served as president in 2000. She also served three years on the Board of Directors for the Manufacturing Specific Interest Group (SIG). For Partleton’s dedication to PMI, she received the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award in 1998.

Partleton is an experienced consultant who provides project and portfolio management to leading organizations. Companies benefit from her 30 year career with Miller Brewing Company, where she served as the Director of Capital and Risk Management, responsible for portfolio management of capital projects at all Miller breweries in the United States. Partleton was also responsible for the project management of major capital projects. During her career with Miller, she also served as head of the project management office, senior project manager, and the functional manager of architectural and civil engineering.

Partleton holds a Master of Project Management degree from Keller Graduate School of Management and a Master of Architecture from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She is a registered architect in the State of Wisconsin and has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® since 1991.

来自美国威斯康星州密尔沃基市的帕贝丝女士是项目管理协会 (PMI)董事会主席。 她自 1991年以来一直参与 PMI的工作。她担任 PMI的教育基金会董事会成员长达六年,并在 2006年担任主席。

她担任过无数的职位,如 1997PMI芝加哥研讨会的项目经理,并在各种 PMI委员会中工作。包括在PMI提名委员会中工作过两年,在职业道德上诉委员会中工作过一年。在社区工作中,她是 PMI密尔沃基/威斯康星州东南部(美国)分会创始人和创始成员,并在 2000年担任主席。她还担任过三年的制造业特别兴趣小组董事会成员。由于她对 PMI的卓越贡献,她于 1998年获得 PMI杰出贡献奖。

她是一位经验丰富的顾问,为领先组织提供项目和项目组合管理咨询服务。她在米勒酿酒公司工作长达 30年,担任资本和风险管理总监,负责对米勒在美国的资产项目进行组合管理。她还负责重要资本项目的项目管理。在米勒公司的职业生涯中,她还担任项目管理办公室主任、高级项目经理、建筑和土木工程部门经理。

她是持有凯勒管理研究生项目管理硕士,美国威斯康星大学密尔沃基分校建筑学硕士。她是 威斯康星州注册建筑师,并自 1991年以来一直是认证的项目管理专业人员 (PMP)®



PMI 总裁及首席执行官郎马克先生 | Mark Langley, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark A. Langley became PMI’s President and CEO in December 2010 after serving over eight years as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In the chief executive role, Mr. Langley is responsible for overseeing and serving as the lead advocate for PMI’s complex global organization, consisting of more than half a million members, certification holders and other stakeholders in more than 185 countries. In support of the PMI Board of Directors, Mr. Langley’s primary responsibility is leading the organization’s alignment to and execution of PMI’s strategic plan through the development and implementation of its operating strategies and organization.

In his previous role, Mr. Langley was responsible for creating and cultivating alignment of PMI’s operating groups to drive market and business development; as well as inspiring lasting and loyal relationships with members, volunteers and other stakeholders that helped advance the profession and drive customer satisfaction in worldwide markets. During his leadership, PMI’s stakeholder base has grown five-fold and transitioned from primarily North American to a truly global representation. During that time, PMI also introduced additional professional certifications, developed program and portfolio management standards, and published several practice guidelines. Mr. Langley has spent countless hours demonstrating the value of project management to practitioners, organizations and governments as well as collaborating with volunteer leaders, and working with communities to advance the profession of project management.

Mr. Langley joined PMI in 2002 as Director, Finance and Administration and was promoted shortly thereafter to executive vice president and chief operating officer. Prior to joining PMI, he served as Chief Financial Officer for ChemLogix and held senior leadership positions with AssetTRADE.com, Quala Systems, Inc. and Castle Energy Corp. He began his career at Price Waterhouse (now PwC) and is a Certified Public Accountant. He brings 30 years of experience to PMI in the areas of strategic planning, global business, association management, operations and financial management.

Mr. Langley is married and has three sons and one daughter. He is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
在担任 PMI执行副总裁兼首席运营官八年后,郎马克先生于 201012月成为 PMI总裁及首席执行官。他负责监督和服务于PMI这一复杂的全球性组织。 PMI由分布在超过 185个国家的超过 50万会员、认证人士和其他干系人组成。在 PMI董事会的支持下,他的主要职责是通过制定、组织和实施运营战略,领导 PMI遵循并执行 PMI的战略计划。

在他以前的职务中,他负责创造和发展 PMI的运营团队,推动市场和业务发展,并激励会员,志愿者及其他利益相关者与 PMI建立持久而忠诚的关系,帮助推动行业发展和提高全球市场的客户满意度。在他的领导下, PMI干系人的基数已成长五倍,并从以北美为主的机构,发展到一个真正的有全球代表性的机构。在此期间,该协会同时还引入了更多的专业认证,开发项目集和项目组合管理标准,并发表了若干实践指南标准。他花了大量时间,向项目管理从业人士,组织和政府展现项目管理的价值,并与志愿者领导人合作进行社区工作,推进项目管理专业的发展。

郎马克先生于 2002年加入 PMI担任财务和行政总监,此后不久晋升为执行副总裁兼首席营运官。在加入 PMI之前,他担任特罗公司( ChemLogix)首席财政官,并在资产贸易公司( AssetTRADE.com),卡拉( Quala)系统公司和城能源( Castle Energy)公司担任多个高级领导职务。他在普华会计师事务所(现普华永道)开始了职业生涯,也是注册会计师。他为 PMI带来了在战略规划,全球业务发展,协会管理,运营和财务管理领域超过 30年的经验。




PMI (中国) 董事总经理陈永涛先生 | Bob (Yong Tao) Chen, Managing Director of PMI (China)
Bob (Yong Tao) Chen, Managing Director of PMI (China), leads PMI overall of business in China. Bob joined PMI in early of 2009. Immediately prior to joining PMI, Bob worked for Oracle – Greater China where he was the General Manager, Business Development (Greater China) in the Government, Education and Healthcare. In this role, Bob was responsible for developing Oracles GEH business in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Prior to Oracle, Bob worked in Fuji Xerox (7 Years) and Motorola (9 Years) in several senior Leadership positions. Bob began his career with the Ministry of Railways as an Engineer / Project Manager. Throughout his career, Bob has developed extensive project management and team leadership working experiences and excellent results in working with the various Central Government Ministries and industries including Ministry of Education and Ministry of Personnel.

Bob holds a BA in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Communications University and an MBA in Marketing from City University in USA.
陈永涛先生现担任 PMI(中国)董事总经理,全面负责 PMI在华业务。陈永涛先生于2009年初加入 PMI。此前,他曾任甲骨文公司( Oracle)大中华区政府,教育和医疗( GEH)业务发展总经理,负责甲骨文 GEH业务在中国大陆、香港和台湾的发展。在任职甲骨文之前,陈永涛先生曾分别在富士施乐公司( Fuji Xerox)和摩托罗拉公司( Motorola)任职7年和9年,担任公司多个高级领导职务。陈永涛先生的职业生涯始于在铁道部担任工程师/项目经理。在职业生涯中,他通过与包括教育部和人事部在内的各个中央政府部门及行业的合作,积累了丰富的项目管理和团队领导工作经验,取得了卓越的成就。



国家外国专家局培训中心主任白继迅先生 | Bai Jixun, General Director of the Training Center of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA)
Mr. Bai Jixun is general director of the training center of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). Mr. Bai was the general representative of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) in Canada, deputy director of the training center of SAFEA, deputy director of China International Talent Exchange Foundation, deputy director of the laws, regulation and liaison department of SAFEA, general representative of CAIEP on Atlanta, USA.

Mr. Bai Jixun graduated from the Optics engineering department of Changchun Optics Precision Mechanical School and got a B.A. of Technology. Later, Mr. Bai Jixun graduated from the Economic Management School of Tsinghua University and got an MBA.
白继迅先生在长春光学精密机械学院光学工程系毕业,获工学学士学位。后来白继迅先生于清华大学经济管理学院研究生毕业,获 MBA硕士学位。




演讲标题 Description:创新工程项目管理,促进国际一流能源公司建设 | Innovation on Engineering Project Management to promoting the construction of global leading energy company
 演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 金晓剑先生,中国海洋石油总公司工程建设部总经理, Mr. Jin Xiaojian, the General Manager of Engineering and Construction Department in China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
Born in 1959, Mr. Jin Xiaojian serves as the General Manager of Engineering and Construction Department in China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and has been charging of the management of Engineering Project construction fields in CNOOC.

Mr. Jin graduated from Southwest Petroleum University with a Bachelor's degree in Feb. 1982, received an MBA degree from Naikai University in 2000 and also received an EMBA degree from HEC in 2007.

Mr. Jin joined CNOOC in 1982,served as the Vice General Manager of Production Department of the CNOOC BoHai Oil Company, the General Manager of CNOOC Oil Technical Services Company, the Executive Vice President of China Oilfield Services Limited, the Vice Deputy General Manager of CNOOC limited (Tianjin Branch). Mr. Jin was appointed as the General Manager of Engineering and Construction Department of CNOOC.
金晓剑出生于1959年,担任中国海洋石油总公司工程建设部总经理,负责中国海洋石油工程项目管理和工程建设。1982年2月毕业于西南石油大学,获学士学位,并于2000年获南开大学工商管理硕士学位,2007年获法国巴黎 HEC商学院高级管理硕士。1982年到中国海洋石油任职,曾担任渤海石油公司生产部副总经理,中海石油技术服务公司总经理,中海油田服务股份有限公司执行副总裁,中海石油有限公司天津分公司副总经理。2007年2月至今任中国海洋石油总公司工程建设部总经理。




 中兴通讯股份有限公司高级副总裁徐慧俊先生 | Mr. Xu Huijun Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation
 In 1998, he graduated from Tsinghua University in electrical engineering with a Master’s Degree in engineering. He joined ZTE in 1998. From 1998 to 2003, he took several positions including project manager of Communication Division, director of Beijing Research Institute. Since 2004, he has served as senior vice president of ZTE. Now he is responsible for engineering services department of sales system. Mr. Xu Huijun has many years of experience in the telecommunications industry and over 11 years of management experience.


论坛A 国际项目管理高峰论坛(IPMF) | International Project Management Forum(IPMF)



 论坛Breakout Session A1:
 演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 柯雷格先生,PMI组织业务副总裁 Craig Killough, Vice President, Organization Markets for PMI
柯雷格先生于2011年1月担任PMI组织业务副总裁。加入 PMI 前,柯雷格先生拥有超过35年的业务发展和领导管理经验。他目前负责PMI与组织的关系,推广项目、项目集和项目组合管理对交付业务成果的价值。 PMI的组织业务团队将整合所有的资源,支持与组织发展更紧密的关系,同时支持印度、中国、澳大利亚/新西兰、韩国和其他区域的发展。这些资源包括 PMI PMI专业标准,企业与政府关系及客户管理部门,全球高级管理层理事会部门,区域业务发展部门。

此前,他担任 PMI 个人产品总监,负责开发和交付PMI的专业和职业发展课程,产品和服务。

在加入 PMI 之前,柯雷格先生是模拟和培训技术公司的顾问。他是 General Physics公司的全球运营执行副总裁,负责提供公共和私营领域的培训业务流程外包、技术和技术服务。

柯雷格先生曾任美国海军核潜艇官员,并拥有美国海军学院学士学位和 Pepperdine大学工商管理硕士学位。

Craig Killough was named Vice President, Organization Markets for PMI in January 2011 and brings more than 35 years of business and leadership experience to PMI. In his current role, Craig is responsible for PMI's relationship with organizations and promoting the value of project, program and portfolio management in delivering business results. This group will integrate all the resources supporting the development of stronger relationships with organizations including standards, business and government relations and account management, Global Executive Council, regional business units, and support within India, China, Australia/New Zealand, Korea and other locations.

Previously, he served as Director, Practitioner Products responsible for the development and delivery of PMI professional and career development programs, products, and services.

Prior to joining PMI, Craig was a consultant at Simulation and Training Technologies. He was the Executive Vice President of Global Operations with General Physics Corporation providing training business process outsourcing, technology, and technical services in the public and private sectors.

Craig served as an officer aboard nuclear submarines in the United States Navy, has a Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy and a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.




论坛Breakout Session A2: 


演讲标题 Description:铁道项目建设管理|Construction Management for Railway Project


演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 王麟书先生,原铁道部总工程师|Mr. Wang Linshu, Former Chief Engineering, Ministry of Railways




论坛Breakout Session A3: 
演讲标题 Description花之盛宴|Flower Feast
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 陈士金先生,又名逸樵,逸樵国际企业有限公司总经理,现为中华身心障碍者职业技艺协会创会理事长,多爱残友展能事业发展有限公司总经理,中华民俗发展与社区活动协会理事长,曾荣获台湾地区优秀青年奖。
陈先生于出生六个月时即感染小儿麻痹,导致躯干及下肢二级残障,学前及小学阶段的日常生活仰赖爬行,小学毕业后学撑拐杖,目前以两手撑拐杖行动。1985 获颁炬光楷模;1987 荣获第一届金毅奖;1988 获颁「青年创业楷模」;1990 荣获台湾地区优秀青年奖;1996 荣获台湾地区内政部门「第二届金鹰奖」;1998 荣获台湾地区教育部门「推广社会教育有功人员奖」;2002 代表台湾地区赴中南美洲各国巡回表演;2003 代表台湾地区赴中南美洲各国巡回表演;2010 受邀「财富的秘密」主讲者;2010 承办2010台北国际花卉博览会圆山轻食区项目。
Mr. Chen Shijin, also known as Yi-chiao, General Manager of Qiao Yi International Enterprise Co., Ltd. China. Now he is the founding chairman of Disabled Vocational Skills Association, general manager of Caring for the Capability of Disabled and Career Development Company, president of China Folk Development and Community Activity Association; he was awarded the Outstanding Youth Award in Taiwan.
Mr. Chen was infected with polio when he was 6 months old, resulting in second level disability for trunk and lower extremity. His pre-school and primary school's daily life relies on crawling. He learned to use support cane after graduation of primary school. Now he walks by support cane with both hands. In 1985, he got the award of torch light model; In 1987, he won the first gold award Yi; In 1988, he was awarded the "Youth Business model"; He won the 1990 Outstanding Youth Award in Taiwan; In 1996, he won the second Golden Eagle Award of Taiwan's internal affairs department; In 1998, he won the " active personnel Award on promoting social education " of Taiwan education sector; In 2002, he went to tour Central and South American countries on behalf of Taiwan; In 2003, he went to tour Central and South American countries on behalf of Taiwan; In 2010, he was the speaker for "the secret of wealth," ; In 2010, he took the Round Hill light food project for the 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo.




 论坛Breakout Session A4:

演讲标题 Description:商业模式的创新| Business Model Based Innovation

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: WONG Chun-kau先生,工程与技术学会(IET,远东地区网络主席|Mr. Jolly WongChairman, Far East Regional Network

 通过创新管理变革Managing Changes by Innovations
该报告将介绍香港警方如何通过CC3VMPR的这些获奖项目,整合三种类型的创新 - 技术、设计和商业模式。这非常类似苹果公司采用的方法作为创新者和整合者,不怕从外面带来新奇的想法,但总是加入自己的窍门。
Extensive criticism is frequently voiced against governments and bureaucracies worldwide, suggesting that the perceived rigid-red-tape nature, inefficiency, lack of flexibility, and negative attitudes toward change, will restrict social progress and economic growth in modern societies. Public sector faces a huge social change and the speed of change is increasing. Innovation is absolutely important in public sector. Constant change requires constant innovation. In today’s changing world it is imperative that the public sector effectiveness and efficiency is constantly increased to deliver on constantly increasing value expectations from the community. Hong Kong Police has distinguished itself as one of the oldest, yet very innovative, police forces in the world.
Formed in 1844, the Force evolved from an extremely broad-based role, embracing such matters as fire-fighting, prisons and immigrations, to that of a modern and professional police service with a strong investment into modern technology programmes. Hong Kong Police has successfully rolled out the Third Generation Command and Control Communications (CC3) System and the Versatile Maritime Policing Response (VMPR) Strategy in 2006 and 2010 respectively for maintaining effective law and order within the Hong Kong territories and waters.
The presentation will describe how Hong Kong Police has performed the integration of the three types of innovation – technology, design, and business model – through these award-winning projects of CC3 and VMPR. This pretty much assembles to an approach adopted by Apple – an innovator and integrator, unafraid to bring in novel ideas from outside but always adding its own twists.

 The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Jollyis the Chief Police Telecommunications Engineer with the Hong Kong Police Force. He received a MSc degree in Telecommunications and Information Systems from the University of Essex, UK and a MPhil degree about digital encryption from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
Jollyis the Head of Communications Branch, Deputy to the Assistant Commissioner of the Information Systems Wing, in charge of the corporate planning, technology research and appraisal, technical design and specifications, project management operations and development of communications facilities and equipment. He was the Project Manager of many award-winning mega ICT projects. He has served as the Chief System Architect and Head of the 3rd Generations Command, Control and Communications (CC3) Division responsible for the design, development and project execution of the digital communications platform to the Hong Kong Police and that has been emerging to become an interoperable Unified Digital Common Platform (UDCP) for the emergency services, agencies and departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He received the Outstanding Contribution to TETRA award in 2008 and was appointed Ambassador for Asia by the TETRA Association in 2010.
Jolly is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET), also Fellow Members of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (FHKIE) and the Chartered Institute for IT (FBCS), Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia (FIEAust) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E.) in information; electronic; control, automation & instrumentation disciplines. He was the Past Chairman of the IET Hong Kong Branch and is the current Chair of the IET Far East Regional Network (FERN).





论坛Breakout Session A5: 


演讲标题 Description:经验与教训—中国企业与国际EPC项目管理实践|Experience and Lessons —China Enterprises and EPC Project Management Practice in International Projects


演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 崔军先生,中国海外工程有限责任公司副总经济师| Mr. CUI Jun,  Deputy Chief Economist, China Overseas Engineering Group Co. Ltd.  





CUI Jun  is the expert of expert committee of China International Contractor’s Association, Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, member of Society of Construction Law (UK), Affiliated member of Institute of Civil Engineer (UK), Charted Builder of CIOB (MCIOB),  Chief-editor of China National Standard ‘Code of International General-Contracting (EPC) Project Management, Deputy Chief-Economist of China Overseas Engineering Co. Ltd.  





EPC project delivery model has become the main stream in international construction industry in 21 century.  It brings not only immense business opportunities, but also the unexpected risks and challenges for China enterprises who participate in international construction market. Chinese enterprises has implemented a lot of EPC projects successfully, accumulating extensive experiences for international market. However, a suffering lessons we have to learn…



In the past twenty years, he has worked in international construction market across Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. He has extensive experience on contract claim, contract management, project management, branch company operation, BOT/PPP project and so on.
His published books includes:  Practical Handbook of International Construction Projects, Principle and Practice of FIDIC Subcontract, Principle and Practice of FIDIC Contract, Introduction of International Construction Contracting, 2nd ed., Management Practice of Design Build and EPC Contract, Management Practice of Subcontract for International Projects. His translation books include: FIDIC User’s Guide, Construction Contract Claim, Construction Delays: Extension of Time and Prolongation Claim. He published more than 40 papers in magazines, covering the field like FIDIC contract, subcontract, BOT/PPP, project financing,  construction contract claim.



论坛Breakout SessionA6:
演讲标题 Description:关键链专案管理|Critical Chain Project Management
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 陈威良先生,PMI台湾分会理事|Mr. William Chen,a member of the PMI Taiwan Chapter Board of Directors
陈威良先生拥有15年以上中大型项目规划、执行、管理、及顾问辅导的丰富资历,曾带领美国AT&T贝尔实验室研发团队,直接服务数千名AT&T服务人员及数百万名美国电信用户,也曾担任IBM Global Services 部门经理,负责大型Outsourcing项目的执行与管理;陈先生目前担任孟华科技总经理暨首席顾问,带领台湾、大陆及美国的跨国团队,为全球客户提供项目管理制度和流程改善、项目管理职能提升、及项目管理系统工具之规划导入等整体服务,其辅导之产业涵盖高科技、电信业、服务业、营建工程、政府部门、学术单位、非营利组织等。
Mr. William Chen has over 15 years of experiences in planning, executing, managing, and consulting mid-to-large sized global projects.  While with AT&T Bell Laboratories, he led a global team to develop customer care platform to serve millions of users in US, as well as thousands of AT&T internal users.  He also worked with IBM Global Services as program manager to lead and manage millions in budget for outsourcing IT development projects to India.  Currently, Mr. Chen is the President and the Chief Consultant Officer at Monmouth Technologies, Inc., a leading IT company dedicated to serving project-oriented organizations.  With a diverse group of team based in Taiwan, China, and US, he has offered and served customers worldwide in successfully deploying PMIS (EZ Teamwork™) tools as well as improving PM processes and competencies of project managers.  Mr. Chen and his team have engaged in services for a broad spectrum of industries, including high-tech, telecom, service-oriented, EPC, academic, research, government sectors, and non-profit organizations.
Mr. Chen is a member of the PMI Taiwan Chapter Board of Directors since 2010. He holds a Master degree in Computer Sciences from New York University and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University.
今天造业在全球供应链上,已从以往OEM主的接单方式,转型ODM OBM 的方式协同作业,并成国际大厂不可或缺的合作伙伴,而如何与上下游的供应商及客户密切合作、进行有效的专案管理,将是成中心厂企业加速品研发与提升客户满意的关键。我们将以台湾造业者的经验,探讨如何运用专案管理运作模式与工具,加速供应链协同作业的品开发与服务。
The manufacturing companies have been transitioned from OEM operation to ODM/OBM collaboration, and thus develop closer relationships to their global business partners. How to provide better supply- and demand-chain cooperation and collaboration, and perform more effective project management, will be the keys to faster product time-to-market, and higher customer satisfaction. We will talk about the experiences of the manufacturing companies in Taiwan, how they utilize project management processes and tools to speed up their product development and services.





论坛Breakout Session A7:
演讲标题 Description:香港全面协助低收入家庭上网学习支援计划 |  HK Low-income families online learning support program
演讲嘉宾Presenter: 刘嘉敏,工程师,太平绅士,为香港电脑学会现任会长兼院士,并为惠普亚太区香港有限公司顾问。|Stephen Lau, Justice of the PeaceFellow for the Hong Kong Computer Society President and Fellow of the incumbent, and Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Hong Kong Limited adviser.

刘先生于资讯科技业和银行业服务超过三十年,曾担任政府部门及私营企业的重要职位,当中包括香港电子资讯系统有限公司(EDS)International Computer Limited及花旗集团(Citicorp),并曾出任香港政府之政府电脑资料处理处首长。刘先生于一九九六年至二零零一年获委任为香港首位个人资料私隐专员,负责推广及执行《个人资料〈隐私〉条例》的规定。

刘先生近年致力于提供顾问及社会服务工作。他先后出任香港电子资讯系统有限公司主席、惠普亚太区香港有限公司顾问、世界自然基金会香港分会行政总裁、二零零六年至二零零九年度亚太资讯及通讯科技大奖(APICTA) 主席及医院管理局资讯科技服务管治委员会成员。于二零零八年,他更获联合国委任为网络管治论坛(IGF) 的国际顾问。

刘先生于一九八四年获MBE 勋章,以表扬他对香港政府和社会在资讯科技服务方面所作出的贡献。他于一九八六年获推选为香港电脑学会院士。在二零零一年六月更获香港政府委任为太平绅士。于二零零九年,他获推选为香港工程师学会院士。

刘先生现时担任多个政府及专上学院的顾问委员会,也是香港城市大学兼任教授。他还是大中华项目管理促进会(GPAC) 的创会会员。


He joined the IT industry and banking for over 30 years, has taken some important positions for government departments and private sectors, including the Hong Kong Electronic Data Systems Ltd (EDS), International Computer Limited and Citicorp, and has served the Hong Kong Government's Heads of Government Data Processing Agency. Mr. Liu was appointed as Hong Kong's first Privacy Commissioner from 1996 to 2001. He is responsible for the promotion and implementation of "personal data <privacy> regulations".

In recent years, Mr. Liu is committed to providing consultancy and community service. He has served as Chairman of the Hong Kong Electronic Information System Co., Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Hong Kong Ltd. Consultant, WWF Hong Kong CEO, from 2006 to the year of 2009 and the Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards (APICTA) Chairman and Hospital Authority Information Technology Services Governance Committee. In 2008, he was appointed as the international consultants of United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) of international.

Mr. Liu received MBE medals in 1984, in recognition of his government and society in Hong Kong IT service contributions. In 1986 he was elected Fellow of the Hong Kong Computer Society. In June 2001 by the Hong Kong government appointed Justice of the Peace. In 2009, he was elected Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

Mr. Liu currently holds a number of government and tertiary institutions of the Advisory Board, Adjunct Professor, City University of Hong Kong. He is a founding member of the Greater China Project Management Association (GPAC).

He holds a bachelor's degree and the University of Manchester, University of London degree, and completed a Harvard Business School Senior Executive Programme.

• (a)
Launched in 2011, to reduce the influence of digital gap for the quality of learning effects and promote the safe and proper use of the Internet for e-learning '
HK Low-income families online learning support program assist low-income families to buy affordable Internet service and computer, and provide technical support and training to needy students to use the Internet for online learning.
• A two-pronged strategy to assist eligible students in online learning at home, including
• (a) allowances for Internet access fees
(B) online learning support programs
The presentation will discuss the details of this plan and project management challenges from all aspects.

论坛B :项目管理教育与研究 | Project management education and research


论坛Breakout Session B1:
演讲标题 Description:我国项目管理教育特别是项目管理工程硕士专业学位教育的发展﹑趋势﹑挑战和应对建议 | The development history and trend of the project management education especially the professional degree of Master of Engineering in Project Management in China, the challenges faced and suggestions proposed
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 清华大学建设管理系暨清华大学国际工程项目管理研究院教授/博士生导师/副院长王守清博士 | Wang Shouqing, Professor, PhD Student Mentor, Dept of Construction Management, Tsinghua University and Deputy Director, Institute of International Engineering Project Management, Tsinghua University

王守清博士是清华大学建设管理系暨清华大学国际工程项目管理研究院教授、博导、副院长,兼全国项目管理领域工程硕士教育协作组(161所大学)组长、(美)项目管理协会( PMI)全球项目管理鉴定中心中国专家委员会副主席、《 Management Decision》、《 J. of Financial Management of Property & Construction》、《 Built Environment Project & Asset Management》、《 Int’l J. of Project Organization & Management》、《 Int’l J. of Construction Management》、《 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies》、《 Int’l J. of Architecture, Engineering & Construction》、《项目管理技术》、《项目管理世界》、《建筑经济》、《施工企业管理》和《国际工程与劳务》编委/顾问/副主编等,主要从事基础设施项目融资(BT/BOT/PFI/PPP)和项目管理等的教学、研究和咨询工作,至今共发表260多篇论著, 网页微博

Dr. WANG, ShouQing is a Professor at the Dept of Construction Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China and Deputy Director, Institute of International Engineering Project Management, Tsinghua University. His research interest is mainly on Public-Private Partnership and Risk Management. He has produced 260+ publications and is one of the top contributors of international journal papers on PPP in last decade. He is Chairman of the China National Collaboration Network for M.Eng.(PM) Education (161 universities), Editorial Board Member of the Management Decision, J. of Financial Management of Property & Construction, Built Environment Project & Asset Management, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, Int’l J. of Construction Management, Int’l J. of Architecture, Engineering & Construction, etc. He is also one of the most popular lecturers in China and has been invited to lecture on PPP, project management, risk management or research methods for 1000+ times since he returned to China in 2003.


With the rapid development and broaden application of project management, PM degree education is one of the most popular degree programmes in China. This presentation reports the development history and trend of the project management education especially the professional degree of Master of Engineering in Project Management in China, the challenges faced and suggestions proposed, as well as the activities and endeavors the China National Collaboration Network for MEng(PM) Education carried out and its plan in the near future, including relevant issues on China Regional Committee, Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Degree, Project Management Institute.


论坛Breakout Session B2:
演讲标题 Description:海外项目管理的风险分析 | Overseas project management of risk analysis
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 上海交通大学机动学院项目管理教研中心主任、教授林少培先生 | Lin Shaopei, Professor, Director, Project Management Teaching & Research Centre of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
 林少培先生是上海交通大学机动学院项目管理教研中心主任,教授,上海交通大学船建学院工程管理研究所技术总监, PMI(项目管理学会)全球学位鉴定理事会GAC理事,英国土木工程师学会上海分会秘书长,英国土木工程师学会资深会员FICE。英国皇家特许工程师CEng英国"Bridge Engineering"杂志编委,英国"Civil Engineering Innovation"杂志编委,英国"Management,Procurement and Laws"杂志编委。 林少培先生是大连理工大学钢结构研究生及工程力学研究生。1992年获国务院颁发的政府特殊津贴。曾任前国家计委、中国国际工程咨询公司咨询专家, 负责大型工程项目的技术和经济评价工作。1985年后在上海交通大学从事教学与科研工作。发表国内外学术论文近150篇,内容涉及工程,管理,计算力学,计算机应用,模糊推理和人工智能等领域。
 Mr. Lin is professor, director of Project Management Teaching & Research Centre of the School of Mechanical Engineering of SJTU, Technical Director, Institute of Engineering Management, SJTU, Board Director, PMI-Global Accreditation Center, Director General, ICE Shanghai Branch FICE & CEng. Editorial Board member of British Journals "Bridge Engineering", "Civil Engineering Innovation" and "Management,Procurement and Laws". He engaged in graduate program and research in the Dalian University of Science and Technology. Professor Lin has had a long-term experience in teaching, research and consultation works in engineering and management. He awarded since 1992 the Government Special Allowance for outstanding contributions to the cause of education of high learning, issued by the State Council of PRC. He has been the consulting expert of former China State Commission of Planning responsible for economic and technical appraisal for mega projects. Professor Lin returned from industry to University and worked for Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 1985, devoting himself in teaching and research works. He had published more than 150 papers in Journals and in domestic and international conference in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, management, computational mechanics, computer application, fuzzy inference and artificial intelligence etc.

 中国的企业正积极进入国际市场,但存在问题颇多,以建筑业为例,尽管中国建筑业如今已经占世界建筑市场营业额的首位,然而,近年来中国建筑业的盈利却持续低迷,仍在亏损的范围徘徊。 尽管造成这一现象有多重原因,但其主要原因是中国建筑企业缺乏海外项目管理的经验,而主要还是由于不同文化背景导致的人为因素。为了降低海外建设和投资项目的风险,关于风险识别、风险分析和风险减轻的综合性研究就是完全必要的。 本讲座是识别不同文化背景人们参与的国际项目的风险来源,并结合理论、程序、方法和组织各个方面对风险采取措施。

Chinese industries are actively entering to international market, but it still remains problems, for instance, China Construction industry has occupying the first place of revenue in the world construction market. Nevertheless, the profitability of Chinese construction industry is continuously to be depressive in recent years, it is still struggling in the range of deficiency.China construction enterprises are lack of experience in managing overseas projects, it is mainly caused by organizational behavior and due to cultural difference-initiated human factors.The presentation is aimed to discover the sources of risk for overseas projects and taking measures against the risks in theory, procedure, methodologyand organization, which is based on the considerations of overseas project involved by people of different cultural background.


 论坛Breakout Session B3:
演讲标题 Description:行动方案生活无限 - 应用与案例 | Mobile Solutions for Future Life – Applications

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 傅旭升博士, PMI台湾分会理事长,PMP | Dr. Simon H. Fu, Chair of PMI Taiwan Chapter, PMP

傅旭升博士是PMI台湾分会理事长,现任博旭科技顾问公司资深顾问、屹通信息科技(澳门)有限公司台湾地区代表、逢甲大学兼任助理教授,曾任高雄应用科技大学兼任讲师、中山大学兼任讲师等职,拥有丰富项目管理、系统工程、系统分析、需求分析等工作经验及项目管理教学经验,实际执行大型项目采购、计划与执行项目(预算超过上亿),并派驻美国洛克希德马丁公司担任项目经理,具备项目企划书与报告撰写能力,专长研究领域包括非线性最优化系统及控制、非线性适应控制及应用、水面船舰动力控制设计、项目管理、系统规划/任务规划/功能需求、品质管理及系统模拟与效益分析等,目前研究重点为机电整合运用于老人照护与健康照护、降低柴电汽车尾气排放污染等,曾发表国际学术期刊论文15篇及多篇著作、译作,拥有国立中山大学机电博士学位、美国海军研究院机械工程与美国加州大学应用数学双硕士学位、PMP认证。他是中文繁体《项目管理知识体系指南(PMBOK® Guide)》第四版的翻译者之一也是中文繁体《项目管理知识体系指南(第三版)建筑分册》的总编辑。

Currently he is Senior Consultant of IMS Technology & Consultant Inc., and work with HSIC group, Chen-Guan University, he is also serve as President of Project Management Institute, Taiwan Chapter, Assistant Professor of Feng Chia University, and consultant of Smart Clothing research projects and biosensing application for MP&C. Dr. Fu has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of project management, system engineering, system analysis, and requirement analysis. His academic research covers adaptive control, nonlinear control and dynamics, surface vessel control, project management, and functional analysis. He has been published more than 15 academic papers and other 40 articles on different journals. He earned his doctorate title from National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and MSME from Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, and Master of Applied Mathematics from University of California, San Diego, US. Dr. Fu is one of the translators of the Traditional Chinese PMBOK Guide 4th edition, and editor of the Traditional Chinese Construction Extension for PMBOK 3rd edition.


Information technology creates tremendous amount of data and information. Smart phone and PAD introduce mobile life to people and easy to access information. Cloud computing will lead people to information life. We can predict that mobile solutions will happened in all aspects of human life. For projects of mobile solutions require integration of hardware/software, service model, operation model, and bring different challenges to project managers.



论坛Breakout Session B4:


演讲标题Description:日本分会的作用——全球化的推动因素  Japan chapter’s role; As a globalization enabler


演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 神庭弘年先生 ,项目管理协会(PMI)日本分会主席| Mr. Hirotoshi KambaChairman of PMI Japan Chapter


In IBM he started  his career from Systems engineer and  experienced IT project around ten years, then he went as a project manager in systems integration business. He carried many projects crossing  different industries;  basic metal, life insurance, banking, manufacturing, process, distribution, automotive etc. He was a certified senior executive project manager, the highest position of project management profession in IBM.

He also support academic group, The society of Project  Management from 1999, then He won contribution award from Society of PM 2009.


Last March this year, Japan has been damages so severely by earthquake and tsunami,  moreover has been suffered Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.  I have to say my appreciation first for heartfelt warm words sent from all over the world. Japan is getting back and getting over soon. And many private companies changing priorities and activities. Economic environment will not allow to stand inside of individual country boundary. Small electronics company in Fukushima could upset large automotive companies. Matrix organization for production is already common, but getting more wide variation is required, like “on demand based”. To carry business strategies as projects is already common, but management needs more complicate enterprise-wide strategies. Portfolio, program management and PMO are getting more desired solution.  PMI Japan chapter wants to take some role to disaster reconstruction and globalization enabler for Japanese private companies. I will talk a story in future in Japan .

 He is President of PMI Japan Chapter from 2008,  conducting more valuable services for members. He is teaching Project Management at Keio University for six years. He retired last June after 38 years long  working for IBM Japan.


今年3月,地震和海啸对日本造成严重损失,而且还遭受了福岛核电站事故。我很感谢从世界各地发出的由衷的温暖的话语。日本正在尽快复苏。许多私人公司正在不断改变优先事项和活动。经济环境不会允许我们的发展仅限于日本国界内。福岛县的小型电子公司已对大型汽车企业产生冲击。在生产中采用矩阵组织已是常见模式。但我们需要有更广泛的变化,如基于需求的生产。用项目形式来开展业务战略已经很普遍,但管理层需要更复杂的企业范围内的战略。人们越来越期望项目组合,项目集管理和项目管理办公室的解决方案。 PMI日本分会要在灾后重建和日本私营公司的全球化推动因素中发挥作用。我将讨论关于日本未来的一个故事。





 论坛Breakout Session B5:
演讲标题 Description:怎样制定提高组织项目管理能力的改进路径 | How to develop the improvement path to enhance organizational project management capabilities

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 张斌博士,项目管理协会(PMI)OPM3全球专家委员会董事成员,组织级项目管理成熟度模型(OPM3)认证咨询师,PMP | Dr. Cyber Zhang,PMI OPM3 advisory Group Board Member,OPM3 Certified Consultant,PMP


Dr. Zhang Bin, senior project management consultant and expert trainer, with a bachelor's degree in science, a master's degree in management and a doctoral degree in economics at Zhejiang University. He is also PMI OPM3 advisory Group Board Member,PMI GAC China Committee board member,OPM3 Certified Consultant. Dr. Zhang is the Visiting Lecturer at some famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, where to give core EMBA courses for in-service senior management and project managers. His translation works include PMBOK guide(the Fourth Edition) Practice Standard for Earned Value Management,Project Earned Value Management (the Third Edition) A Practical Guide to Earned Value Project Management,Dr. Zhang provides long-term training and consulting service for companies that include CNPC (China National Petroleum Corp.),CNOOC,Huawei etc. The total number who received his PM training is over 10000.


The most valuable content in OPM3 are the 488 Best Practice and 1766 capabilities which organizational project management capabilities required, especially the 76 Best Practice and 221 capabilities related to Organizational Enablers provide clear classification and specific measurable method in enhancing organizational project management capabilities. This presentation deeply analyze 4 categories and 18 subdivisions of Organizational Enablers,and offer some examples of improvement path in order to attain the best practice for reference.


论坛C :工程、能源领域的项目管理 | Project Management in Construction and Engineering industry


论坛Breakout Session C1: 
演讲标题 Description:项目管理软件中您应期望获得什么?| What you should expect from your project management software
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 张衡先生,Oracle Primavera全球业务部区域经理张衡于2002年加入甲骨文公司。
在公司8年的任职生涯中,其担任了多个销售领导职位,专注于中国市场的应用软件;帮助将Oracle ERPCRMHCM管理软件拓展到了中国的制造、零售和分销行业,其中包括主要国有企业和中小企业市场中的商业企业。自2010年起,张衡开始领导中国的Oracle Primavera 全球业务部。
Henry Zhang, country manager of PGBU Oracle, joint Oracle at 2002. During the eight years employment in Oracle, He takes various sales leader roles focusing on application software in China market; help expand Oracle ERP, CRM and HCM application into China Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution industry, including state owned key and major enterprises and commercial business in SME market. From 2010, Henry is heading up a team of Oracle PGBU (Primavera) in China, leading the software sales from channel and direct.
Before Oracle, Henry worked with EDS/UGS for nine years, responsible for PLM software sales in China automobile, A&D and high-tech industry.
Henry graduated from Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University then entered China Academy of Space Technology for a master degree, and then worked for this Academy for two years after graduation.
Project Intensive organisations  are more successful when they can be profitable while helping their customers achieve faster project completion time, lower cost of ownership, and deliver sustainable capital assets across their lifecycle.  To succeed, their requirements for project management software have grown beyond simply project planning or scheduling.  In this presentation Mr. Henry Zhang will elaborate on the additional “must have” requirements for your project management software, in order to support your organization’s project selection, project governance, resource management, project collaboration, cost control, and risk management and analysis.



论坛Breakout Session C2: 
演讲标题 Description: 柯马汽车行业项目管理最佳实践 | Comau Best Practice of Project Management in Automotive Industry
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 郭云先生, 柯马(上海)工程有限公司项目管理办公室(PMO)中国副经理,PMP


 Mr. Guo Yun, PMP,deputy PMO China Manager in the Project Management office of Comau(Shanghai) Engineering Co.,Ltd. He is Charge of company business KPI; company process & procedure development; Risk management and PM Academy, report to PMO corporate and China CEO in matrix organization. He defines KPIs in project management environment for company; Support project, program and portfolio management. He facilitates company process and procedure development and improvement with ISO department. He integrates risks from projects and company operation for its management. He develops project management academy to train internally to improve company project management maturity. He gives training for customers and suppliers. Mr. Guo Yun is graduated from Shanghai Tongji university with a B.A. in Automotive engineering.
  Comau is a company developing worldwide projects. In this way, it is our responsibility to work in compliance with our procedures and also try to apply the most important Comau best practices. We need to learn from the past but also have the courage of breaking paradigms and make innovations when need. Maintain discipline but also achieve flexibility. So, that’s also clear that today’s project management requires even more, organization, communication, leadership and strong team collaboration.

The presentation introduces our project management applied in actual projects, besides our company procedures and policy, also some actual tools that we use to manage a project.





 论坛Breakout Session C3:
演讲标题Description创新项目管理  实现科学发展| realizing scientific development with innovations in project management”
演讲嘉宾Presenter:邵予工先生,中国石化股份公司工程部副主任,PMP | Mr. Shao Yugong , Vice President of Sinopec Engineering Department,PMP
Shao Yugong, male, born in Beijing, China, Dec 1962, Vice President of Sinopec Engineering Department. Mr. Shao is a professor-level senior engineer with degree of Ph.D in management. Mr. Shao began his career in Sinopec Beijing Design Institute, once served as Deputy Director, and Director of process department; Director of process & piping department; and Vice President of Beijing Design Institute. From 1999, he served as Vice President of Sinopec Engineering Incorporation; Vice President of Sinopec Engineering and Construction Management Department.
Mr. Shao has over 15 years experience in project management, he successfully delivered Butane Complex of Tianjin Petrochemical Corp. as EPC Project Manager, which was awarded with one of the first five prizes of “Golden Key” as the national key project. Mr. Shao was awarded with title of Excellent Project Manager by Ministry of Construction, PRC.
Mr. Shao was once responsible for project management of Hainan Refinery, Tsingdao Refinery, Secco Ethylene, BASF-YPC Ethylene, Fujian Ethylene, Tianjin Ethylene, Zhenhai Ethylene.
Mr. Shao was level-1 project manager, level-1 construction manager certified by Ministry of Construction, PRC; Project Management Professional(PMP). Mr. Shao was elected as Vice President of Construction Supervision Association of China. 




论坛Breakout Session C4: 
演讲标题 Description:用项目管理方法解决组织日常运营问题 | Project Management Method in Enterprise Operational Management
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 陈海先生,中国海洋石油总公司工程建设部,综合管理岗经理,高级工程师,PMP| Mr. Chen Hai, Senior Engineer, Administration Manager of Engineering&Construction Department,China National Offshore Oil Corporation(CNOOC).
Mr. Chen graduated from Petroleum University(Beijing) with a Master degree in 1997, then started his career in CNOOC Research Center, Bonan Oil&gas Field Development Project Management Team, Engineering&Construction Department of CNOOC.

Introduce two cases:
(1) CNOOC Engineering Data Information System Project. With oil company development, many facilities face technical transformation/reconstruction projects or abandment&disposal. The project goal of Oil companies is changing from the document&facility handover to total service(including the digital data handover&maintenance).
(2) Project manager classification&certification project. Because of different business models and management systems, Project Manager Competency structure of oil company is different from  engineering company. CNOOC started the project manager certification project in 2007, and inserted the certification into the normal HR regulations.




论坛Breakout Session C5: 


演讲标题Description:风险应对实践| Practical approaches for working with risk severity


演讲嘉宾Presenter:杨乃卓先生,IIL公司资深项目管理讲师,PMP |Mr. Nigel Young , Senior Project Management Trainer of IIL,PMP


杨乃卓毕业于南非Natal大学并是项目管理协会(Project Management Institute)认证的具有10年以上资格的项目管理专业人员PMP®
PMP认证的课程培训。他也向客户提供商业分析 (Business Analysis)方面的培训。


 Nigel is a project management consultant with over twenty five years of project experience gained across a range of industries and organisations in both engineering and ICT capacities. These include oil refining, defence, airline, insurance, telecommunications, health and banking in Asia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Nigel also has a strong foundation in business analysis, systems and process design, and software development.
A pragmatic and results-orientated person, with a special interest in problem solving and strategic thinking & planning, Nigel likes to bridge the gap between the real and academic worlds, delivering pragmatic solutions that are underpinned by sound research and theoretical foundations, but anchored in the real world.
Project Management areas of particular interest to him are leadership and the soft skills (with a particular interest in emotional intelligence); risk management and maturity models.
Nigel has a BSc (Mech) Eng from the University of Natal, South Africa, and has been a certified project management professional with a PMP® for over ten years.
He provides Project Management training from foundation through PMP certification up to more advanced and speciality areas e.g. Risk Management. He also provides training in Business Analysis.


我们将在此与您共同探讨并分享在实际工作及生活中风险应对的实践方法。将简要地介绍PxI矩阵的基本概念并通过实际案例来分析探讨风险发生概率。我们将特别就那些低发生率但影响严重的风险事件进行探讨。此领域是PxI 矩阵中有争议且最容易误解的部分。错误的理解将导致在项目或工作中应对风险及处理偶然事件的错误决策或失误。




This presentation will share with the audience practical approaches for working with risk severity. It will briefly refresh the basic concepts of PxI matrices and then extend the concept by exploring risk probabilities in a practical and entertaining way, using real world situations to make the concepts more tangible. It will particularly explore the zone of very low probability, but very high impact – this is arguably the most misunderstood zone of qualitative PxI matrices and its poor understanding and application leads to poor decisions made to proceed with a with either projects themselves, or elements within them. These often result in poor oversight of and contingency planning for the affected area/s.


Although the presentation will primarily focus on qualitative measures, it will also look at quantitative determinations by applying a Monte Carlo simulator to show the quantitative determination and choice of a chosen project timeframe linked to a confidence level and the related determination of contingency budgets.




 论坛Breakout Session C6:
演讲标题 Description:项目管理在工程企业的实践 | Project Management Adoption in Engineering Enterprises

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 田玉明先生,海洋石油工程有限公司项目经理 | Mr. Tian Yuming, Project Manager, China Offshore Oil Engineering Co Ltd.

田玉明先生自1988年从哈尔滨船舶工程学院毕业后,便效力于中国海洋石油总公司旗下的海洋石油工程有限公司工作。田玉明先生是中国公民,并能够流利的进行英语沟通。 田玉明先生多年来致力于项目管理的研究和实践,并参加过项目管理的培训,并拥有注册建造师资质。田先生作为项目经理目前正在同时管理并负责渤海渤中19-4油田(中国海油与雪佛龙合作油田)、曹妃甸油田(中国海油与阿纳达科共同投资)的工程建设项目。从业22年以来,田先生从工程设计,采购,现场施工,招投标及合同管理,运行维护的总包项目以及ERP及项目管理信息系统实施与应用等方面积累了丰富的经验。

• 渤中19-4油田开发EPCI总包项目
• 曹妃甸油田项目EPCI总包项目
• 中国海油ERP项目实施
• 蓬莱19-3二期项目管理
• 秦皇岛-32-6质保期管理
• 中海油QHSE管理
• SZ36-1SPM改造项目
• FPSO透平项目

Tian Yuming has been working at China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC), of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, since 1988, upon his University graduation from the Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute. Tian is a native Chinese citizen, and able to communicate fluently in English.

Tian is certified Project Manager, and a registered qualified Professional Constructor. Tian is currently in the capacity as Project Manager of Bozhong 19-4 Oilfield Development Project. He has over 22 years of project management experience, from engineering, procurement, site construction, bidding & contract management, operation maintenance to the overall ERP implementation.

Participated Projects include:
- BZ19-4 Oil Field Development EPCI PMT
- CNOOC ERP Implement Project
- PL19-3 Phase II Project Management
- QHD-32-6 Guarantee Period Management
- JZ9-3 Guarantee Period
- CNOOC QHSE Management
- SZ36-1 SPM Conversion Project
- FPSO Conversion Project


First, it includes the introduction to COOEC; secondly, it talks about the project management in COOEC, including plan and schedule management system (Introduce the management way and effect on the adoption of Oracle P6 Project Management software.), communication and documents management system, Material and procurement management system, Integration management system(Introduced the integration of P2P & P6, management way and effect of 4D integration adoption); Last, it forecasts the future of project management in COOEC.

论坛D :信息技术、通信行业的项目管理论坛 | Project Management in ICT Industry Forum


 论坛Breakout Session D1:
演讲标题 Description:借力外脑——软件项目制胜之道 | Taking advantage of outside intelligence, a winning way for software projects

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 刘寅,趋势科技中国研发中心总监,PMP | Albert Liu, Director, Trend Micro China Development Center,PMP

刘寅先生2003年加入趋势科技公司,组建质量管理部门,负责软件流程改进,软件质量保障,项目管理培训等方面的工作。从2008年起,刘寅还负责管理软件外包。在加入趋势科技之前,刘寅服务于摩托罗拉中国软件中心,帮助该公司成为国内第一家获得 CMM 5级认证的组织。 刘寅先生于2006年获得 PMP认证,并拥有南京大学的 EMBA学位

Mr. Albert Liu has been working for Trend Micro since 2003. He built up the software quality assurance department for Trend China Development Center, and is responsible for software process improvement, software quality assurance, and training on project management. Since 2008, Mr. Liu is also in charge of software outsourcing management. Before joined Trend Micro, he worked for Motorola GSG China Software Center, and was a major contributor to help the company achieving CMM Level 5. Mr. Liu was certificated as PMP on 2006, and holds the EMBA degree from Nanjing University.


On one hand, the needed resources for software projects are ever-changing; on the other hand, the development lifecycle of software products are ever-shortening. These factors are pushing forward the outsourcing and cooperation for software projects. This presentation is based on the practices and lessons-learnt of Trend Micro, and analyzes the necessity, difficulties and solutions of software projects outsourcing. At the end of it, it also covers the possible future of outsourcing.


 论坛Breakout Session D2:
演讲标题 Description:让敏捷渗入项目管理的边边角角 | Agile project management best practice

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 张正明先生,爱立信(中国)通信有限公司技术部总监, PMP | Mr. Erik Chang, director of system management, CTO office, Ericsson region China and North East Asia, PMP

张正明先生现任爱立信 (中国) 通信有限公司技术部总监,负责中国及东北亚区核心网与多媒体业务前沿技术管理、发展与创新的工作。

他以产品经理的身分参与了 2G GPRS、3G WCDMA、IMS和移动多媒体电视系统在台湾市场引入的项目,并以技术负责人的身分主导爱立信在大中国区第一套 IPTV、web IMS 与4G TD-LTE 演示系统的建设与发布。


张正明先生获得台湾大同大学工程学士与交通大学工商管理硕士学位,目前正在天津南开大学商学院进修管理学博士。他于 2005 年取得PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) 认证资格。 

Mr. Erik Chang is director of system management, CTO office, Ericsson region China and North East Asia and responsible for technology management, new technology development and innovation.
He has accumulated 13 industry experience in Taiwan and mainland China. His professional experience includes technical sales support, product management, network architecture design in R&D, and technical program management in mobile systems, mobile Internet and Internet Of Things areas.

He participate into 2G GPRS, 3G WCDMA, IP Multimedia and Mobile TV new system introduction in Taiwan and also as technical lead of introducing the 1st demonstration system in Greater China for IPTV, web IMS, and 4G TD-LTE systems.

Before join Ericsson, he holds technical sales support position for small and medium business customer in TATUNG group’s subsidiary company TISNet.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and engineering from TaTung Institute of Technology, M.B.A. degree from college of management in National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. He is studying his PhD degree from business school in Nankai University in China. He holds PMI PMP certification since year 2005.

 面对客户不断地更改项目的需求,你也不得不缩短自己的项目周期为了赢得市场,同时内部资源也不断调整变化,如何把敏捷方法有效地运用到项目管理中来适应这些变化, 主要向大家从以下方面介绍具体的应用情况和分享一些经验和教训 。


With the endless changing and challenging request from customer, you are also request to shrink the project lead time to get more market share. The internal resource is changing frequently. How to make agile way of working more effective in the software project management? The presentation will based on real experience and learned lessons.

Agile development
Agile in release
Agile in outsourcing



论坛Breakout Session D3:


演讲标题Description:中兴通讯项目管理实践-尼泊尔Ncell GSM二期项目 | ZTE Project Management Practice-Nepal Ncell GSM phaseII project


演讲嘉宾 Presenter:  安静先生,中兴通讯股份有限公司营销项目管理办公室主任 | Mr. An Jing, Director of PMO in ZTE sales system, ZTE

 ZTE中兴营销项目管理办公室主任安静,于1995年加入中兴通讯,在公司16年的任职生涯中,其担任了多个领导职位,从研发到质量管理,从售后管理到项目管理,帮助中兴通讯CDMA产品成为全球第一,为中兴通讯获得ISO9001\ISO14000\OHSAS18000一体化认证并获得2005年深圳市长质量奖,20097月开始担任香港CSL 2G\3G大项目项目总监,2010年使CSL网络成为全球无线速率最快的三大网络之一。自20113月起,安静开始领导中兴通讯营销项目管理。

 An Jing, Director of PMO in ZTE sales system, joined in ZTE in 1995. During the sixteen years employment in ZTE, He took various  leader roles including R&D, quality Management, after-sales management and project management. With his contribution,ZTE CDMA product is the No.1 all over the world, ZTE passed ISO9001\ISO14000\OHSAS18000 Integrated Certification and won 2005 Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award. From July 2009, He was the PD of CSL big project with 2G&3G in Hongkong and the network became  one of the three fastest network in the world in 2010. From March 2011, He has been leading the sales project management in ZTE.

 An Jing graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and got a master degree.


基于PMBOK® Guide和中兴通讯的项目管理流程,介绍尼泊尔Ncell GSM二期项目管理实践过程及主要执行策略,分享中兴无线网络建设项目中的项目管理经验。

Based on PMBOK® Guide and ZTE project management frame, this presentation introduces the Nepal Ncell GSM Phase II project management practice and main implementation strategies, shares project management experiences in the ZTE wireless network construction project.


论坛Breakout Session D4: 


演讲标题Description:PMO的现状与未来发展剖析 The State of the PMO…and Insights on its Future


演讲嘉宾Presenter:萨熠恒先生, ESI亚洲客户咨询服务总监,PMP | Mr. Ravi Sahi, ESI Client Solutions Director, PMP


Ravi Sahi, 萨熠恒先生: 具有20年项目和项目集管理经验的业内资深人士. 是负责ESI亚洲客户咨询服务总监。由于多年在不同国家以及不同行业的经验积累,使得他对于项目管理实践形成了自己深刻独到的见解。萨熠恒先生为几乎所有不同类型的机构进行过咨询和项目管理培训。他经常在PMI的活动中作讲演,话题涵盖管理全球化项目、战略优势的风险评估、项目管理经理人的成功要素、项目管理专业人才所应具备的能力、如何快速和高效的规划项目以及管理整合项目等。萨熠恒先生拥有斯坦福大学认证项目管理经理SCPM证书以及PMI颁发的项目管理师PMP证书。他经常在中国国家外国专家局举办的各种活动中进行有关项目管理的演讲。


Ravi Sahi, ESI Client Solutions Director, has 20 years of project management experience in physical infrastructure development, strategy-based consulting, and information technology in the financial services sector. With widespread, cross-industry experience on many cross-border engagements, Ravi has a keen understanding and appreciation of the criticality of focused, disciplined, and effective project management. Along with his MBA (Strategy & Finance) he is also certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), and is also a Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM). Ravi has delivered project and program management training and has consulted at all organizational levels which have significantly benefited clients worldwide. Ravi is a frequent speaker on Project Management topics at events organized by the  State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China.










For countless organizations around the world, the Project Management Office (PMO) has become a well-accepted, central element of their strategy for improving project performance. Across numerous industries and in every region of the world, PMOs have evolved in various forms and with varying degrees of success.


A review of the different models of PMO that have emerged is made, with consideration of the variables in their design and the reasons governing choices made by organizations. These include variations in the degree of authority, scope of activities, control over resources and extent of strategic vs. tactical involvement.


This review is followed by a presentation of a global survey into the state of the PMO undertaken by our organisation in March 2011. The study examined the current perceived value and effectiveness of PMOs, how that value is delivered to the enterprise, and to what extent value is actually measured. Over 3,000 individuals responded to the survey, comprising well balanced views from both within and outside the PMO, across a broad set of industries and spanning the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


This presentation will help participants:

Discover how the PMO is perceived among hundreds of organizations globally

Understand what PMOs are doing well and what needs improvement

Find out about the most important challenges facing PMOs

Gain insight into strategies that PMOs should consider in positioning for the future






论坛Breakout Session D5 :

演讲标题 Description:成功项目的7把钥匙 | Seven keys to project success

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 刘峰先生,IBM中国全球执行中心项目管理总监,PMP。| Mr. Liu Feng, PM Center of Excellence & PM Competency Leader, IBM China Global Delivery Center,PMP

 刘峰拥有14年的IT 行业从业经验,其中超过10年服务于IBM, 9年项目管理经验。曾经成功交付过IBM中国全球执行中心最大规模项目之一,项目规模超过3000个人月。在IBM历任多个领导职位。目前,刘峰担任IBM中国全球执行中心项目管理总监,负责超过600PM的职业发展,组织级别项目管理竞争力的建立以及项目经理的招聘与培养。
刘峰毕业于同济大学计算机科学与应用专业,拥有PMP认证,是IBM 认证项目经理,同时担任IBM 项目经理认证委员会评审委员。
Liu Feng has 14 years IT working experience, including 10 years of IBM experience ,9 years PM experience. Successfully delivered one of largest IBM China GDC's system integration project(Project Size>3000 Person Month).He has experienced various leadership roles in IBM. Currently,  Feng is taking IBM China GDC Project Management COE(Center of Excellence) and Project Management Competency Leader role, overseeing 600+ PM's career development and organizational level Project management competency building, PM hiring and development.
Liu Feng holds Bachelor of Computer Science from Tong Ji university. He is IBM certified senior project manager, board of members of IBM PM Certification review board.
IBM has delivered numerous successful projects in its 100 years history,accumulated a number of invaluable experience and lessons learned. This presentation covers IBM’s project management best practice summary, introduce how to use 7 keys(Stakeholders are committed, business benefits are being realized, delivery organization benefits are being realized, scope is realistic and managed etc) to manage project successfully. Give project managers and clients one completely new perspective to manage and control project.






 论坛Breakout Session D6:


演讲标题 Description惠普敏捷转型解决方案|Agile Transformation Solution for HP

 演讲嘉宾Presenter:徐毅先生, 惠普资深敏捷顾问,| Mr. Xu Yi, Senior Agile Consultant of HP




 国内敏捷会议的常客,近期的有敏捷中国2010Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2010,以及20092010年的敏捷全球之旅中国站活动,包括多地的本地敏捷交流活动。
Worked as Lean & Agile Consultant at Nokia Siemens Networks’ global department Lean & Agile Transformation.


 Xu Yi specializes in large (>500 people) Agile transitions. After mastering black box testing in all its flavours - including ATDD, exploratory testing contributing to a test automation system for a 400 people organization, he moved onto the next logical step and started teaching Agile/Scrum practices to organizations being coached. His interests include but not limit to Agile, Scrum, Lean, all flavours of testing.


 Xu Yi is a frequent speaker at domestic Agile conferences, the latest ones including Agile China 2010, Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2010, Agile Tour China 2009 and 2010, and local Agile community gatherings at many places.


  For more information, please go to Xu Yi’s LinkedIn page at http://cn.linkedin.com/in/kaveri


- 简单介绍敏捷是什么敏捷和PM关系敏捷的趋势敏捷宣言
- 简单介绍敏捷带来的益处
- 描述转型解决方案要回答的问题
- 给出转型解决方案应具备的特点等
- 介绍整个方案时序上的过程
- 按五种不同类型的服务,分别介绍惠普敏捷转型解决方案的各个部分
Agile is going to be more and more popular, but it’s always a big problem to actually get benefits from Agile. Agile adoption is a rapier, it will hurt yourself without careful using. The key to success is how we control the whole change process of Agile Transformation, so, what should a good Agile Transformation Solution looks like?
Agenda as below:
-          What is Agile? Agile & PM, Agile Trends, Agile Manifesto
-          Benefits from Agile
-          Questions to be Answered by Agile Transformation Solution
-          Attributes of a Good Agile Transformation Solution
-          Introduce the Whole Solution in the Sequence of Time
Introduce Each Parts of HP Agile Transformation Solution in Details, According to Five Different Types of Servic

 论坛E :交通及制造业的项目管理 | Project Management in Transportation and Manufacturing Industry




 论坛Breakout Session E1:
演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 孟凡杰先生,中国粮油控股有限公司 项目管理部总经理 | Mr. Meng Fanjie, General manager,Project Management Division,China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited


Mr. Meng Fanjie is General manager,Project Management Division,China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited, and General manager,COFCO (Chengdu) Agri-Industries Co., Ltd. He is senior engineer at professor level and an expert with government special subsidy.



 论坛Breakout Session E2:
演讲标题 Description:用项目管理显著缩短地铁、桥梁、核电、机场等大型建设项目工期的新发现 New found on project management helps large construction projects in subway, bridge, nuclear power station, airport to shorten the time limit on construction significantly.

 演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 冯永明先生,宁波轨道交通工程建设指挥部高级工程师, PMP,Mr. Feng Yongming, Senior Engineer of Construction Headquarter of Ningbo Railway Transportation Engineering, PMP


冯永明先生毕业于同济大学铁道工程专业,并获得天津大学国际工程管理第二学位。冯永明先生还拥有 PMP认证、投资建设项目管理师、一级建造师职业资格。
Mr. Feng Yongming is the senior engineer of Construction Headquarter of Ningbo Railway Transportation Engineering. He worked on some well known projects as Ji’an Gang River Railway Bridge of Peking Jiulong Railway (Mr.Hu Jintao, China President attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony) and Zhejiang Jianxi Railway contracted by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), UAE Highway project wined by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).He also worked in the headquarter of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, which is longest cross sea bridge around the world

He has a Bachelor of Science on Railway Engineer from Tongji University and a Bachelor of International Engineering Management from Tianjing University. He passed PMP certification, the Investment Manager certification for Construction Project and Constructor certification.
通过上海、北京、南京、深圳、成都、西安、苏州等城市地铁建设项目工期对比分析,说明因项目管理不善可导致工序衔接松散,工期延长1年左右。该分析运用 WBS 方法,巧妙区分可比与不可比工作内容。对可比部分工作内容与工期对应,发现了可显著缩短地铁建设工期的机会。对国内大型桥梁南京二桥,南京三桥;南浦大桥,杨浦大桥;苏通大桥,上海东海大桥,上海长江隧桥,舟山连岛工程,杭州湾大桥,润扬长江大桥等桥梁组织机构、工期进行分析,发现了桥梁附属工程组织不善,工序衔接松散导致工期延长,并因此建议港珠澳大桥增加交通工程部克服后期工序松散工期延长现象,成果已被采用。宁波地铁已经采用该项成果,计划提前工期6个月。
By comparison analysis of subway construction projects in 7 cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Suzhou, it shows that the poor project management extended the time limit on construction for 1 year because of loose connection on work procedure. The analysis used work breakdown structure to differentiate comparable and incomparable working package. It found the opportunities that could significantly shorten the work period for subway by putting the comparable working package on the work period. It provided analysis on the organization structure and work period of large bridges including the second and the third Bridge of Nanjing, Nanpu Brige, Yangpu Bridge, Sutong Bridge, Shanghai North Sea Bridge, Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel bridge, Zhoushan island linkage project, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Runyang Yangtze River bridge, discovered the poor organization of bridge engineering subsidiary and loose connection on work procedure resulted in the extension of time. He suggested that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge increased traffic engineering department to overcome the time delay phenomenon because of loose connect on work procedure in the latter process.The founding has been adopted by Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The Ningbo subway project has adopted it with a plan for 6 months ahead of schedule.


 论坛Breakout Session E3:
演讲标题 Description:进行OPM3测评,您的企业准备好了吗? | Is your organization getting ready to have OPM3 assessment?

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 邓浩先生,组织级项目管理成熟度模型(OPM3)认证咨询师, |Mr. Hao DENG,OPM3 Certified Consultant


Mr. Deng received his master degree of project management from University of Sydney, and was one of first batch China domestic OPM3 certified consultants. Mr. Deng was working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as Senior Operation Manager, Atos Origin (China) Consulting as Senior Consultant, and Beijing Zhongke Project Management Institute as Director. During past 10 more years project management practical and consulting experiences, Mr. Deng is concentrating on establishment and operation of PMO and OPM3 assessment and development consulting, the services provided covering industries including power, real estate, chemical, exploration, communication manufacture, and etc.




 论坛Breakout Session E4:
演讲标题 Description:汽车产品开发项目管理最佳实践| The best practice of project management in auto product development.

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 周小桥先生,资深项目管理咨询顾问, |Mr. Zhou Xiaoqiao, PMP, Senior Project Management Consultant,PMP

周小桥先生是中国职业技能鉴定中心(项目管理)专业委员会专家委员,北京大学民营经济研究院研究员,清华大学国际工程项目管理研究院特聘教授,美国刘易斯学院认证教授。西雅图城市大学MBA,剑桥大学国际培训师(CTA),项目管理国际评估师, ISO 9000/ISO 14000质量/环境管理体系注册审核员。曾就职于首钢总公司、通用汽车公司、德尔福汽车系统公司,并担任高级经理。十余年来周先生一直在生产一线从事项目管理的实践,亲自管理若干合同额过亿的项目,具有工业工程、产品开发、质量管理、生产运作、环境管理、教育培训等领域的实战经验。其专著包括《项目管理四步法》(团结出版社);《项目管理师》(机械工业出版社);《突出重围——项目管理实战》(清华大学出版社);《项目管理工具与模板》(清华大学出版社)等。

Mr. Zhou Xiaoqiao is a member of Committee (Project Management ) of Ministry of Labour and Social Security in China, researcher in Peking University, visiting Professor in Tsinghua University and certified Instructor in Lewis Institute. He holds MBA from City University in Seattle, international diploma for teachers and trainers from Cambridge University and certified ISO 9000/14000 auditors. Mr. Zhou used to work for Shougang Cooperation, General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems as engineer up to senior manager. He has rich experience in the areas of industry engineering, product development, quality management, operation management and training and consulting. Mr. Zhou has published four books about project management including Four Steps for Project Management, Project Manager, Project Management Practice, Project Management tools and template.


The situation of automotive industry has been changing greatly in the world since 1990s last century – forming large groups through annexing and combining within multinationals. The auto manufacturers have to shorten product development lifecycle, reduce cost and enhance quality to meet the challenges of competitive and uncertain marketplace. More and more auto makers realize the importance of product development processes management and begin to apply project management into their product research and development practice. This lecture will introduce world class auto companies’ best practice of project management in the product development process to guide other manufactures’ application.


 论坛Breakout Session E5:
演讲标题 Description:用软技能化解项目难题 To solve project problems with soft skills

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 梁光华先生,砺志咨询首席项目管理顾问 | Mr. Liang Guanghua, Chief Project management consultant of Leadge Consulting


As chief PM consultant of Leadge Consulting (R.E.P. of PMI) since 2002, Guanghua Liang had offered project management training and consulting services for over 400 well known international and large civil enterprises. Developing PM soft skills course system, Enterprise Project managers’ Classification and Certification System, Organizational project management capabilities’ evaluation and improvement system upon PMI knowledge system, and etc. PM consultant of 2011 Shenzhen World University Games, volunteer of PMI OPM3, PMP. Consultant manager, senior consultant when served in HP China, Core member of Project Management Center of HP Consulting in south China. General manager of R&D Center, manager of Software Center when served in Lenovo from 1994 to 1999. 
According to statistics, in project, it takes more than 80% of project managers’ time to resolve project issues with soft skills. But compare to hard skills, soft skills seems harder to grasp. Then how to improve project managers’ soft skills? The presentation includes what are soft skills? Soft skills in project management, how to improve soft skills of project managers? On-site interactive exercises of soft skills.

论坛Breakout Session E6:


演讲标题 Description上海虹桥综合交通枢纽工程进度总控实践——一种全新的项目管理与决策支撑组织模式 | The Practice of Project Controlling in Schedule for Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub - A New Organization Mode for Project Management and Supporting Decision-Making

演讲嘉宾 Presenter: 贾广社先生,同济大学经济与管理学院副教授, Mr. JIA, Guangshe, Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Economics and Management School in Tongji University

贾广社是工学学士、硕士、管理学博士,现任同济大学经济与管理学院副教授、硕士生导师、《项目管理世界》编委会副主任,从事工程项目管理的实践与研究20余年。研究方向包括:项目总控、工程项目管理成熟度、建设工程社会学。参与和负责的建设工程项目管理实务工作包括:锦江饭店小礼堂、锦江饭店北楼改造、复旦大学附属儿科医院迁建工程、上海浦东机场扩建工程项目总进度计划编制、上海虹桥综合交通枢纽工程进度总控、昆明机场、石家庄机场、郑州机场、深圳机场进度计划编制等。主持国家自然科学基金项目:大型建设工程项目管理成熟度模型及机理研究;主持上海市科委软科学基金项目:大型建设工程社会影响研究;主持上海虹桥综合交通枢纽工程综合工作计划编制与项目总控模式研究,在国内外核心期刊上发表论文20余篇。出版著作有:《项目总控(project controlling)——建设工程的新型管理模式》、合著《建设工程社会学导论》。

JIA, Guangshe, who received Bachelor and Master degree in Engineering and PhD degree in Management, is an Associate Professor and Master Tutor of Economics and Management School in Tongji University. He is also the Associate editor of Project Management Network in China which is hosted by Project Management Insitution(PMI). Professor JIA has been engaged in the research and practice of project management for over 20 years, whose research topics including Project Controlling, Maturity theory in Project Management, and Sociology of Construction. Professor JIA has participated in practice of project management in considerable projects, such as the Small Assembly Hall of Jin Jiang Hotel, the Reconstruction Project of North Building of Jin Jiang Hotel, the Relocation Project of Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University, Master Scheduling of Shanghai Pudong Airport Expansion Projects, Project Controlling in Schedule in Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub, and Schedule Planning of Kunming Airport, Shijiazhuang Airport and Zhengzhou Airport. Professor JIA has run the National Natural Science Foundation Project-Research on Management Maturity Model and Mechanism of Large-scale Construction Projects, the Shanghai Soft Science and Technology Foundation Project-Study on Social Impact on Large-scale Construction Projects, and the research on Comprehensive Work Schedule Planning and Project Controlling Mode for Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub. Heretofore professor JIA has published more than 20 papers in domestic and international core journals. His main works include Project Controlling—A New Management Mode in Construction and Sociology of Construction (as co-author).


Generally, this lecture will mainly discuss the important role that the Project Controlling theory played in supporting decision-making and promoting construction process in Large-scale projects, and its successful application in Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub. What’s more, this lecture is going to share the precious experience of the research group of Tongji University’s Construction Management and Real Estate Department, who has played a great role in the construction of the hub and has been lauded by the Headquarters. This lecture is to tell you about how to effectively resolve the schedule-related problems of Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub by successfully establishing Project Controlling Organization in the Headquarters, precisely determining and high-efficiently controlling the schedule milestones by making the Comprehensive Work Plan, measuring and improving the project management abilities of the Headquarters through applying the maturity theory, and conducting risk management, etc.