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Welcome to PMI (China) Congress 2015!



2014年,大会以项目管理 变革·创新为主题,邀请到来自PMI全球和亚洲地区分会的代表、政府部门相关领导、企业领导以及中国各地的上千名项目管理人士齐聚上海,多维度地分享了成功的项目管理经验。


本届大会将邀请PMI全球总裁兼首席执行官郎马克Mark Langley先生、PMI亚太地区分会领导人、国内外知名企业资深项目管理高管及项目管理专家进行项目管理知识与经验分享、颁布项目管理大奖、汇集精彩的项目管理内容,并提供多种交流机会,助您提升项目管理能力。会议还将发布最新的有关项目管理方面的调查与资讯、国内外知名企业对项目管理人才的需求信息和国内重大项目的最佳实践分享。

1024-25日,PMI(中国)2015项目管理大会与您相约上海国际会议中心。参会者将可获得16PDU(专业发展单元)。欢迎参加PMI(中国)2015项目管理大会!了解更多详情,请登录www.pmicongress-china.orgPMI (中国)微博http://weibo.com/u/2011702277及微信pmi_china



With the aim of driving the global development of project management theory and practice, building the most valuable project management communication platform as well as improving organizational performance through project management adoption, PMI (China) has held its annual congress for consecutive five years. With unwavering support from project management practitioners and organizations in various industries, PMI (China) Congress has become one of the largest professional events in Asia Pacific region.


In the year of 2014, themed 'Project Management – Change & Innovation', the Congress drew over one thousand attendees together with PMI senior executives from the US, PMI chapter leaders in Asia, Chinese government officials, influencers in leading enterprises and subject matter experts, which literally made the event a feast of insights, advanced PM methodologies, best practices and inspirations.


Coming to 2015, organizations face pressing challenges to counteract slow-climbing economic environment and gain competitive advantages. Given the fact that every strategic initiative is implemented through project and program, high performers are reported to becoming more focused on going back to the basics of project management practices and paying more attention to talent management by providing consistent trainings and setting formal efficient knowledge transfer process, according to PMI 2015 Pulse of the Profession®.


PMI (China) Congress 2015 will welcome Mr. Mark A. Langley, PMI President & CEO, PMI chapter leaders in Asia Pacific region, and leading enterprise executives as well as subject matter experts from home and abroad, revealing world PM trends in industry and explore project management adoptions and value. Highlights include release of PMI exclusive reports like PMI 2015 Pulse of the Profession® and PMI project manager salary survey, Career Center booth on-site, and presentations on major projects in China by our project management award winners.

PMI (China) Congress 2015 will be held in Shanghai International Conventional Center on October 24-25, 2015. PMI (China) sincerely invite you to join this exciting event and engage with our project management family! Attendees can also earn 16 PDUs (Professional Development Unit). For more information, please visit www.pmicongress-china.org. Or you can also follow PMI (China) official Sina Weibo: http://weibo.com/u/2011702277 or official WeChat: pmi_china.

Learn the best project management knowledge and get on the road to success!

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